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Turbo Two-Phase Centrifuges - Manually Cleaned

The Manually Cleaned Turbo two-phase Centrifuge Systems are designed for “liquid/solids” separation of oils and water-based fluids with low to moderate solids loading for fluid recycling purification. The Turbo two-phase Centrifuges can also be provided as integrated systems equipped with tanks, pumps and controls. They can also be customized with the addition of coolant chillers or provided a mobile cart equipped with an integral feed pump as well.

Turbo Two-Phase Centrifuge Applications:

  • Metal working coolants and oils
  • Optical glass grinding
  • Glass Fabrication
  • Ceramics and composite grinding
  • Composite grinding
  • Parts washing solutions
  • Paint booth processes
  • Gallium arsenide
  • Wire Drawing
  • Laundry Processes
  • Insulation
  • Silica Wafer cutting and grinding
  • Stone cutting and grinding
  • Biofuel and Oil Production
  • Sludge processing and dewatering
  • Wastewater clarification
Turbo T6-2 Centrifuge

Turbo T6-2 Centrifuge

The Turbo T6-2 is a two-phase centrifuge with lower flow rate and low to moderate solids loading applications.

Turbo T7-2 Centrifuge

The Turbo T7-2 Centrifuge is the same as the T6-2 Centrifuge although the T-7 is equipped with a self-draining centrifuge rotor equipped with a set of two heavy-duty plastic liners for ease of sludge removal.

Turbo T10-2 Centrifuge

The Turbo T10-2 is a two-phase centrifuge designed for lower flow rate applications and low to moderate solids loading.

Turbo T14-2 Centrifuge

The Turbo T14-2 is a two-phase centrifuge is designed for higher flow rate application and moderate to high solids loading.

Turbo T22-2 Centrifuge

The Turbo T22-2 is a two-phase centrifuge for “liquid/solids” separation designed for higher flow rate applications and or high solids loading applications.

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