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Turbo Self-Cleaning Centrifuges

The Turbo Automated Self-Cleaning Centrifuge Systems are designed to operate at speeds in excess of 2,000 RPM for maximum fluid recycling performance and particle removal efficiencies. The Turbo Centrifuges are used for purification and separation of particulate matter from water-based coolants and oil-based fluids by exerting high g-forces to rapidly accelerate the particle separation process. The captured solids are compressed and dewatered within the centrifuge rotor. During the automatic self-cleaning cycle, the centrifuge feed to the centrifuge is stopped and the solids are automatically discharged from the bowl prior into a solids cart or a 55-gallon drum. The self-cleaning cycle occurs within a few minutes and automatically comes back up to speed and commences the separation process. The automated self-cleaning Turbo Centrifuge utilizes proprietary discharge nozzles for sludge dewatering at high speeds.

Combined with a range of capacities up to 80 GPM and 66 lbs. per hour of dewatered & compressed sludge, the automated self-cleaning Turbo Centrifuges stands in a class alone.

Turbo T15-2 Two-Phase Centrifuge

The Turbo T15-2 Centrifuge is a fully automated PLC controlled self-cleaning centrifuge that can be provided as a freestanding centrifuge or in conjunction with tanks, pumps and chillers.

Turbo T40-2 Two-Phase Centrifuge

The Turbo T40-2 Centrifuge adds additional capacity when higher flows or higher solids capacities needed. Typical flow rates range up to 40 GPM and can handle up to ~66 lbs. per hour of solids.

Turbo T40-3 Three-Phase Centrifuge

The Turbo T40-3 is a three-phase automated self-discharging centrifuge that clarifies and recycles fluids particulate matter entrained in the fluid down to the 1 – 10-micron range and provides tramp oil removal as well. The centrifuge has a process rate of up to 40 GPM with a solids removal rate of up to 400 pounds/shift of dry solids or sludge.

Turbo T60-2 Two-Phase Centrifuge

The Turbo T60-2 Centrifuge can be used as a freestanding centrifuge or in conjunction with tanks, pumps and chillers. Typical flow rates range up to 66 GPM and can handle up to 66 lbs. per hour of solids.

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