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Patriot IFR Fluid Recycling System

Patriot IFR Coolant Recycling System equipped with 500-gallon/500-gallon tanks


The Sanborn Patriot IFR Integrated Fluid Recycling System is a fully integrated system that is the best available technology metal working coolant recycling. The Patriot is equipped with a Mitsubishi self-discharging high-speed disc centrifuge for the removal of the finest solids to ≤1-micron range and tramp oil removal down to 0.0025%. The Patriot IFR is the right choice operate as a fully automated centralized coolant recycling system in the facility to service coolant sump carts.

Process Description

The Patriot IFR System is integrated with either 250-gallon/250-gallon or 500-gallon/500-gallon process tanks that are equipped with a proprietary mixing system to provide a homogeneous feed to the high-speed disc centrifuge. The Patriot system is also furnished with a hydrocyclone pre-clarifier to remove gross solids and minimize loading on the centrifuge.  The pre-clarified coolant is then directed to an economizer to preheat the water-soluble coolant prior to entering an immersion electric heat chamber or pasteurizer where the coolant is heated to 165° F to sterilize the coolant and kill any bacteria and/or fungal growth. The heated coolant is then directed to the centrifuge where an efficient three-phase separation occurs at 9,000-g’s of centrifugal force occurs to remove tramp oil down to 0.0025% and metal fines, swarf and particulate matter, etc. to ≤1-micron range.

The purified coolant is then directed to the economizer to aftercool the coolant and provide thermal exchange to the incoming coolant to reduce the BTUs consumed by 50% during the pre-heating process.

The Mitsubishi self-discharging centrifuge will undergo a period self-cleaning mode where the captured solids ae ejected and the centrifuge disc stack is subjected to a clean water flush prior to being placed back on-line.  The entire centrifuge processing and self-discharging process is fully automated to minimize operator attention in as much as possible. The separated tramp oil is directed to a 55-gallon drum for further processing or reclamation by a used oil recycling service.

New coolant is then made up within the clean tank with a coolant proportioning device to top off the recycled coolant reclaimed by the Patriot high speed disc centrifuge system.


  • Fully automated high-speed centrifuge process applying 9,000 g’s of centrifugal force
  • Efficient high-speed disc centrifuge process to maximize coolant recycling and minimize spent coolant disposal costs
  • Proprietary coolant mixing process in the coolant tanks.
  • Hydrocyclone pre-clarification to reduce solids loading on the centrifuge and thermal pasteurization process
  • Reduced viscosity increases separation efficiency to the highest attainable levels unparalleled in the industry today
  • Thermal Pasteurization to maintain biological control and prevent premature coolant degradation
  • Economizer to increase thermal efficiency by 50%
  • Tramp Oil separation and removal to <0.0025%
  • Solid particulate removal down to ≤1-micron range
  • Automated coolant


  • Dramatic Direct Cost Savings
    • Reduce fluid waste disposal costs up to 99%
    • Reduce new fluid purchases by up to 95%
  • Improved Quality and Productivity
    • Cut machine down time for sump cleanouts
    • Improve tool efficiency and product quality

Patriot IFR System Models

Patriot SJ-700

~3,000 GPD Coolant/~4,000 GPD Oil

Patriot SJ-10T

~8,000 GPD Coolant/~10,000 GPD Oil

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Note: The actual capacity of the Patriot IFR System will vary depending of the fluid being processed and the % contamination of the fluid processed.

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