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Sanborn Coolant Purifier “CP” Systems

Automatic Self-cleaning Coolant Recycling System

Automatic Self-cleaning Coolant Recycling System

The Sanborn “CP” Systems are the most efficient and effective coolant recycling systems in the industry. The heart of the CP system is the Mitsubishi self-cleaning high-speed disc centrifuge that provides highly effective coolant purification by removing fine solids and tramp oil down to negligible levels for pristine coolant recycling.

All CP Systems include Sanborn's proprietary mixing system in the dirty coolant tank that maintains a homogeneous feed to the centrifuge for effective coolant purification. This process will completely mix the tramp oil and solids for effective removal in the three-phase high speed disc centrifuge for superior separation performance to maximize coolant recycling and at the same time minimizing spent coolant waste.

Purified coolant from the high-speed disc centrifuge is discharged into a clean coolant storage tank, while separated tramp oil is discharged into a waste oil drum for further reclamation by a licensed waste oil recycler. Periodically, the clarified solids are automatically self-ejected from the centrifuge and discharged to a solids cart or a customer designated waste container.

Sanborn CP Coolant Recycling Systems can be installed as a free-standing fully automated system equipped with process tanks for batch operations or used for continuous on-line processing of centralized coolant sumps. CP Coolant Recycling Systems have processing capacity ranges from 1 to 20 GPM.


Superior Coolant Purification to Pristine Levels

  • Removes solids down to less than 5 microns (≤5 µm)
  • Separates tramp fluids down to 1/4 of 1% (0.0025%)
  • Reduced coolant waste by minimizing the volume of coolant removed with the tramp oil and rag layer

 Simple and Efficient Operation

  • Single-pass processing returns completely purified fluid
  • System delivered pre-piped, pre-wired and pre-tested


  • Dramatic Direct Cost Savings
    • Reduce fluid waste disposal costs up to 99%
    • Reduce new fluid purchases by up to 95%
  • Improved Quality and Productivity
    • Cut machine down time for sump cleanouts
    • Improve tool efficiency and product quality
  • Applications

    Water-based Coolants

    • Water Soluble
    • Semi-synthetic
    • Pure Synthetic

    Oils – With the selection of the proper disc stack for oil, the CP Systems can also be configured for oil purification applications as well.

    • Cutting Oils
    • Hydraulic Oil
    • Turbine Oil
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