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Capabilities Neva-Clog

Operating Principle

Fluids pass through the holes of thetop sheet, turn at right angles to passthrough the controlled spacingbetween the sheets, then turn again atright angles to pass through the holesin the bottom sheet. Solids too large topass through are retained on thesurface. Finer particles are retained bythe formulation of a filter bed or cakeNeva-Clog operates best with freedraining solids or as a supportingmedium for precoat material.


  • Abrasion resistant
  • Abuse resistant
  • Easy cake release
  • Easy leaf cleaning
  • Fast precoating
  • High strength
  • Long service life
  • Rigid
  • Smooth surface


Neva-Clog can be produced in any commercially available sheet metal possessing the proper perforation and welding characteristics.


  • Grade I is used for coarse retention
  • Grade II is used for finer retention
  • Grade III is used wherea flatter surface is desired, such as on filter leaves
  • The “back-to-back” isused where more restricted and moreequally distributed flow is desired

Filter Leaf Designs

  • Rectangular
  • Bottom outlet, Bar Frame, Welded
  • Round
  • Bottom outlet, 966 Binder, Welded

Filter Leaf Constructions

  • Neva-Clog Filter Media, Por-O-Septa® Chamber, 966 Binder
  • Neva-Clog Filter Media, Wedge Wire Chamber, Bar Frame wi:h Reverse “U”

Underdrain Designs

  • Flat
  • Neva-Clog is ideal for permanent installation in flat tower bottoms. Discs may be rolled up for insertion through manways for easy installation.
  • Conical
  • Particularly suited to conical bottoms, Neva-Clog’s smooth surface facilitates discharge of solids.

Underdrain Constructions

  • Neva-Clog Filter Media, Wedge Wire Support Screen, Multi-Grate Sub-support
  • Neva-Clog Filter Media, Por-O-Septa Support Screen, Multi-Grate Sub-support


  • Catalyst towers
  • Filter Leaves
  • Ion exchange units
  • Resin towers
  • Underdrains

Industries Served

  • Beer

High Fructose
Oil Additives
Soda Ash
Wastewater Treatment
Water Treatment

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