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UFV750 Ultrafiltration System

Compact Membrane Filtration System for Processing up to 1500 GPD

The UFV750T is part of Sanborn Technologies line of compact ultrafiltration systems for waste minimization or process water reuse. These systems are ideal for recyling and/or disposal of oily wastewaters from aqueous parts washers, floor moping, waste coolants or tumbling and burnishing operations.

The UFV750T employs rugged ½” tubular membrane ultrafiltration membrane technology to separate water from suspended solids and emulsified oils.  Membrane life is between 1 to 2 years so operational costs are low.  Where free-oil is present an integrated Sanborn SOS oil separator is mounted right on the processing skid.  Like all Sanborn UF systems, wastewater can be reduced by as much as 98% without the use of chemical additives such as flocculent.  The effluent is typically discharged directly to sewer or reused within the process.

Sanborn’s compact design include a 330 gallon process tank, process pumps without pump seals, and level controls, transfer pump to allow the unit to be installed with minimal effort.

    Self-Contained Packaged System
  • • Easy Installation
  • • Mechanical separation proceeds without operator involvement
  • • System is easily expandable to double processing capacity up to 1500 GPD

    Simple and Efficient Operation
  • • Polymeric membrane is insensitive to chemical concentration in wastewater streams
  • • Verticle seal-less pumps can handle highly abrasive solids
  • • 1/2" tubular membranes allow processing of high solids wastewater
    Dramatic Direct Cost Savings
  • • Reduce wastewater volumes by up to 98%
  • • Recyled fluids saves the costs of new fluid purchases
  • • Energy efficient separation using only 5 HP pump

    Simple Operation and Reliable Performance
  • • Operates with a single pump and no chemical additives
  • • Membranes provide a positive barrier between process and the environment
  • 10-HFM-251-UVP 5-HFM-251-UVP