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3-Phase Separators

The most common applications for our 3-phase separators are for the recycling of coolants and aqueous parts washer solutions. For small volumes or systems with low solids content our Turbo Manual Clean Separators are ideal. For larger systems or high solids content the Turbo Automatic Separator is the better choice. When guaranteed high separation performance is required, we recommend our High-Speed Disc IFR systems.

3-Phase Manual Clean Separators
manual All Turbo 3-Phase Separators operate at high G-forces to remove both solids and tramp oil. These centrifuges are designed for continuos removal of a wide range of particles- ferrous and non-ferrous, glass, ceramic and graphite - down to 2 micron. Most of our manual clean models have self-draining, removable liners and quick-release covers for ease of maintenance. With the Turbo Separator, you get top performance with ease of operation.

3-Phase Self-Cleaning Separators
rcsThbNl Turbo 3-phase self-cleaning separators are fully automatic centrifuges with process capacities up to 8 gpm. Cleaned coolant is discharged continually during the run/feed mode while tramp oil is separated and discharged in a separate liquid stream. During the automatic cleaning cycle, feed is stopped and the solids are discharged from the bowl.

High-Speed Disc Centrifuges
purThbNl These complete systems provide coolant recovery with Sanborn Technologies guarantee of high quality "like new" fluid. Based on the Integrated Fluid Recovery (IFR) principal of high speed three phase centrifugation working in combination with pastuerization for controlling biological growth and odors.