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Tank Mounted and Custom Engineered Systems

Off The Shelf Systems

Many of Turbo Separators are available in pre-configured system including tanks, pumps and process controls. Shown to the left is our Turbo T10-3-315, commonly used as a 3-Phase central system for coolant recycling.

We also offer the LiquaPac HS series in several tank mounted RCS models. These systems range in size from a single centrifuge mounted on a clean/dirty tank to four centrifuge system capable of up to 120gpm.

View typical layouts of our RCS System (requires Acrobat Reader).

Custom Engineered Systems

In addition to our pre-configured off-the-shelf systems, we can also supply custom designed systems engineered for your specific needs.

The photo to the right is a T14-2 mounted on a dirty/clean tank system with a large chiller and a high pressure supply pump.

Get more information on Sanborn Technologies custom engineered systems.