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Sump Cleaners

Simple, Economical and Effective Sump Cleaners

Our sump cleaners are easy to handle yet very powerful in use. Used in cleaning, spillage control, fluid filtration and coolant handling, they will minimize machine tool downtime, while reducing production and disposal costs significantly.

We offer two types of portable cleaners - the Freddy Ecovac with a single tank, and the Cecor Sumpcleaner with dual clean/dirty tanks.

Freddy Ecovac

The Freddy Ecovac operates a continuous cycle of suction, filtration, recycling and discharge, collecting the swarf and solids in a separate interceptor for easy disposal. Since the machine tool can continue to operate, there is no loss of production and the whole cycle is completed in less time than with any competitive product.

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Cecor Sumpcleaner

The Cecor Sumpcleaner combines complete sump cleaning/filtration with clean coolant delivery. Our large capacity carts are equipped with two separate tanks to hold both clean and dirty coolant. Each compartment has an independent set of controls, hoses and fittings for easy operation. The Cecor Sumpcleaner is offered with hand-push or tow transport.

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