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Sanborn Technologies offers a large selection of centrifuges for liquid-liquid, liquid-solid and liquid-liquid-solid separation (3-phase separation). Choose from Manual Clean for low solids loading, Automatic Discharging for moderate to high solids loading or Continuous Discharge for heavy solids loading. Our High-Speed Disc Centrifuges are delivered as a complete systems as are many of our Tank Mounted Systems.
Membrane Filtration Systems
Our membrane systems are available in ultrafiltration and nanofiltration configurations and a range of process capacities from 75 GPD to 10,000 GPD. We offer fixed and mobile system designs that range from classical oily wastewater applications to less conventional vibratory waste and high temperature aqueous bath solutions.
Tramp Oil Separators
We offer several simple but proven designs to solve your tramp oil problems. Learn more about what has made our Freddy TOS system so popular.
Sump Cleaners
Our line of Freddy products offer low cost solutions to your sump problems. These systems are simple to operate, with unique features such as simultaneous suction and return pumping.
Chip Wringers
Our chip wringers are economical options for small to medium volume operations.