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Patriot IFR Systems

Integrated Fluid Recovery For Automated Batch Operations

Patriot coolant recovery systems incorporate Sanborn Technologies' Integrated Fluid Recovery (IFR) technology for exceptional performance. A high speed 3-phase Mitsubishi disc centrifuge is at the heart of all our IFR systems. Combined with microprocessor controls, the Patriot utilizes a series of unit operations including pre-filtration and pasteurization to remove all solids, tramp oils, odors and control biological activity.

The Patriot IFR system is designed to function as a batch processor using sump carts or as a central system. The SJ-700 Patriot system can process several thousand gallons per day (gpd), sufficient to handle most large plants.

    Extremely High Quality Purification
  • • Removes metallic fines and other solids down to one micron
  • • Separates tramp fluids down to 1/4 of 1% (0.0025)
  • • Reduces coolant waste by separating and concentrating tramp oil

    Versatile Plant-wide Application
  • • Single system can serve:
  •   — Single or multiple coolant formulations
  •   — Single or multiple locations
  • • Process different fluids including any brand of coolant or oil

    Simple and Efficient Operation
  • • Single-pass processing returns completely purified fluid
  • • System delivered pre-piped, pre-wired and pre-tested
    Dramatic Direct Cost Savings
  • • Reduce fluid waste disposal costs up to 99%
  • • Reduce new fluid purchases by up to 95%

    Improved Quality and Productivity
  • • Cut machine down time for sump cleanouts
  • • Improve tool efficiency and product quality