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Manual Clean Centrifuges

LiquaPac HS Basket-Type Centrifuges

autoCThe LiquaPac HS is Sanborn Technologies' work-horse for most industrial liquid-solids separations. Although similar in size to some competitive products, our patented feed accelerator and self-draining bowl ensure unbeatable performance. The LiquaPac HS is available as a stand alone, portable or tank mounted system.


Turbo Basket-Type Centrifuges

Turbo Separators are manufactured with the highest quality and some of the most advanced engineering designs in the industry. Features such as our self-draining bowls and quick release covers ensure easy operation. The Turbo manual clean centrifuge is available as a standard 2-Phase Separator or an advanced 3-Phase Separator.


How to Select -

LiquaPac HS or Turbo Separator?

The LiquaPac HS is our most popular American made centrifuge for a wide range of applications where liquid-solids separation is required. With our patened feed accelerator and self-draining bowl, the LiquaPac still outperforms the competition. The LiquaPac HS offers the highest performance at a competitive price.

The Turbo Separator, with it's many custom configurations, is our most popular centrifuge for OEM's looking for specific designs to match their machine tools. The combination of high speed, fluid acceleration and directed flow make the Turbo Separator the top performer in the industry, bar none. The Turbo Separator is also available in a 3-phase configuration for coolant recycling applications where oil removal is required.