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Manual Clean Turbo Separators

The choice for superior clarification

Turbo Separators are designed to operate at high speeds for maximum separation performance. Most designs operate in excess of 2,000rpm generating the highest g-forces in the industry. Listed below are the most popular to model centrifuges. In addition, Sanborn Technologies offers integrated systems complete with tanks, pumps and controls as well as custom engineered systems complete with options such as coolant chillers. See also our 3-phase Turbo Separators.
Turbo T-5B
Small but versatile, the T-5b is shown here with integral tank and pump. The T-5b can process slurries at flow rates up to 13 gpm and has a 0.8 gallon sludge holding capacity.
Turbo T-6
The T-6 uses the same bowl configuration as the T-5b for flow rates up to 13 gpm. Added features include a hinged cover and a skimmer pickup for liquid discharge under pressure.
Turbo T-10
The T-10 is the smallest bowl configuration that includes a self-draining bowl. Flow rates up to 26 gpm with sludge volume of approximately 1.3 gallons.
Turbo T-14
The T-14 is a revolutionary design using an integral feed pump and skimmer discharge. Flow rates up to 40 gpm and sludge volume of over 2 gallons.
Turbo T-22
The T-22 is "high solids" separator with a bowl configuration similar to the T-14. Flow rates up to 40 gpm and a large sludge volume of up to 2 gallons.
Turbo 3-Phase Separators
Many of our Turbo separators are available in 3-phase configurations. The most common use for the 3-phase Turbo separator in for liquid-liquid (oil/water) separations where solids are present.