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Coolant Recycling Systems

Centrifuges are the heart of most of our coolant recycling systems and we offer a broad product line to handle any application from small sumps to large central systems.

•Operating sump-to-sump, the Turbo T14-3P is a portable coolant recycling system that separates tramp oils and solids while continuously returning cleaned coolant to the machine tool's sump.

•For stationary batch type coolant recycling the T10-3-315 is easy to use and efficient at generating cleaned recycled coolant by removing fine solids and tramp oil. Like all Turbo-Separator centrifuges the T10 has a large solids holding capacity and it is very easy to change the solids liner (see video of easy changing T14 liner, Quicktime required). There are no discs to clean in any Turbo-Separator centrifuge. The 150 gallon dirty and 150 gallon clean tanks store the right amount of coolant for most facilities that want a central coolant processor. This system works in conjunction with a sump cleaner. Custom Engineered Systems are available.

•Our Integrated Fluid Recovery (IFR) systems are a complete line of coolant recovery centrifuges using high-speed disk centrifuges combined with pre-filtration, pumps and controls. We offer portable coolant recovery systems like the Pioneer, automatic systems for small cells like the CP-2 and complete central systems like the Patriot.

Tramp Oil Separators
We offer several simple but proven designs to solve your tramp oil problems. Learn more about what has made our Freddy TOS system so popular.
Sump Cleaners
The Freddy Ecovac and Cecor Sumpcleaners offer low cost solutions to your sump problems. These systems are simple to operate, with unique features such as simultaneous suction and return pumping. We offer Cecor systems for dual-tank options and larger systems.
Chip Wringers
Our chip wringers are economical options for small to medium volume operations.

For other oily wastes, mop water and spent coolants you don't want to recycle consider our Membrane Systems for Waste Minimization.