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Turbo 3-Phase Separators

The 3-Phase Solution to High Solids Problems

There are many simple solutions to tramp oil problems (see 3-phase applications and Tramp Oil Separators), but when solids are also a problem the 3-Phase Turbo Separator is the solution you are looking for. All Turbo 3-Phase Separators operate at high speeds to remove both tramp oil and fine solids from machine tool coolants, parts washer fluids and similar applications. The large solids handling capacities of 3-phase Turbo Separators makes them ideal for grinding applications.

Manual Clean Separators

Turbo T10-3

manualThe Turbo T10-3 is a complete centrifuge system which continually discharges cleaned coolant into a storage tank while tramp oil is discharged into a smaller decantation tank. Solids are periodically cleaned from the self-draining bowl. Processing capacity is up to 90 GPH. Download Brochure

Turbo T14-3P

noxonThe Turbo T14-3P is a complete coolant purification system designed for applications where large amounts of solids need to be removed. Operating at up to 150 GPH, this portable system can be easily moved from sump to sump to handle multiple machine tool stations. Download Brochure

Turbo T14-3AQ

noxonThe Turbo T14-3AQ is a complete centrifugal filtration/purification system designed to remove solids and free oil from aqueous bath solutions. The T14-3AQ can reduce waste volumes, disposal costs, and new bath solution purchases by as much as 98%.

Download Brochure

Fully Automated Self-Cleaning Separators

Turbo T40-3

IFRThe T40-3 separator is a fully automatic self-cleaning centrifuge for applications where higher flows are required. Cleaned coolant is discharged continually during the run/feed mode while tramp oil is separated and discharged in a separate liquid stream. During the automatic cleaning cycle, feed is stopped and the solids are discharged from the bowl.

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