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High-Speed Disc Centrifuge and Integrated Fluid Recovery (IFR) Systems

Complete systems for effective coolant recovery

At the heart of all our Coolant Recovery systems is the Mitsubishi self-discharging disc centrifuge. These systems are delivered as a complete operating assemblies and include pre-filtration, pumps and controls. Our Coolant Recovery systems can be configured as portable carts or as stand-alone, tank-mounted systems.
High-Speed Disc Centrifuge Systems

The CP-2 coolant purification system removes both tramp oil and fine solids with an automatic discharging disc centrifuge. The processing capacity is 120 GPH.
High-Speed Disc Centrifuge IFR Systems

The Pioneer is our IFR system designed for central coolant systems. Working as a side-stream off large central sumps, these systems recover coolant by removing solids and tramp oil and pasteurizing the fluid at processing rates up to 300 GPH.
The Patriot IFR system is our fully automated batch or central processing system capable of recovery of multiple brands of coolants a from various sources at processing rates up to 300 GPH.
How it Works
Designed as complete operating packages, all our IFR systems include everything you need for effective coolant recovery.

To learn more about the individual components and details of how our IFR systems work, follow this link to the IFR flow schematic.