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Coolant Purifier Model CP-2

Economical Automatic Coolant Recovey System

The Model CP-2 is an economical centrifugal purification system that removes both tramp oil and fine solids from machine tool coolants. The heart of the CP-2 is the Mitsubishi SJ-700 self-discharging high speed disc centrifuge. The system is enhanced with Sanborn's proprietary mixing system that maintains a homogeneous feed to the centrifuge. Directing tramp oil and solids to the centrifuge results in superior separation performance and maximum coolant recovery.

Clean coolant from the high speed disc centrifuge discharges into a clean tank while separated tramp oil is discharged into a waste oil drum. Solids are discharged periodically and collected in a solids cart or similar waste container. The CP-2 can be installed a free-standing system for batch operations or used for on-line processing on central sumps. Processing capacity is up to 120 gph.

    Extremely High Quality Purification
  • • Removes solids down to one micron
  • • Separates tramp fluids down to 1/4 of 1% (0.0025)

    Simple and Efficient Operation
  • • Single-pass processing returns completely purified fluid
  • • System delivered pre-piped, pre-wired and pre-tested
    Dramatic Direct Cost Savings
  • • Reduce fluid waste disposal costs up to 99%
  • • Reduce new fluid purchases by up to 95%

    Improved Quality and Productivity
  • • Cut machine down time for sump cleanouts
  • • Improve tool efficiency and product quality